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Next Induction - March 14, 2025


 Nominations are due October 1st to be considered for the following year's induction.

Only electronic submissions will be considered.

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***Please be sure to complete the nomination application thoughtfully and completely. The information provided is all that the selection committee will use in determining those alumni who will be chosen for this prestigious designation.

Your thorough and detailed responses are imperative to the selection process. Thank you!

Class of 2023 Inductee

Bain, Ken.2.square.jpg

Kenneth Bain

BHS Class of 1975

Class of 2022 Inductee

Jill Eicher.square.jpg

Jill Jackson Eicher

BHS Class of 1997

Class of 2021 Inductee

Ken Buetow - square.jpg

Kenneth Buetow

BHS Class of 1975

Class of 2020 Inductees

Rick Wagers headshot.square.jpg

Rick Wagers

BHS Class of 1969

Gene Ploughe headshot.square.png

Gene Ploughe

BHS Class of 1955

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