The Brownsburg Education Foundation Board of Directors is a dedicated group of community members who volunteer their time to plan and to organize ways to positively impact the students of the Brownsburg Community Schools.

Hall, Kevin.cropped.jpg

Brian Petraits


Stacy Preston


Finance Committee Chair

Alicia Smith

Vice President

Purse Bingo Committee Co-Chair

Kevin Hall

Assistant Treasurer

Golf Committee Chair

Finance Committee Co-Chair

Ryan Morrison


Gala Committee Chair

Dearman, Tiffany.jpg

Krista Tschaenn

Immediate Past President

Tiffany Dearman

BCSC School Board


Dr. Jim Snapp


Rosemary Isaacs-Anderson

Member at Large

Surplus Sale Chair

Kristen Gryskevich

BCSC Staff Representative

Special Promotions Co-Chair

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Catellier, Lindsey.cropped.jpg
Fettig, Tarah.cropped.jpg
Fletcher, Julie.cropped.jpg
Grant, Kris.jpeg

Tarah Fettig

Board of Directors

Grant Committee Chair

Lindsey Catellier

Board of Directors

Scholarship Committee Chair

Julie Fletcher

Board of Directors

Sarah Aylworth

Board of Directors

Special Promotions Co-Chair

Kris Grant

Board of Directors

Golf Committee Co-Chair

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Howenstine, Rona.cropped.jpg
Jakovljevic, Igor.jpeg

Jamie Hall

Board of Directors

Gala Committee Co-Chair

Melanie Harris

Board of Directors

Marketing Chair

Alumni Hall of Fame Chair

Rona Howenstine

Board of Directors

Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

Igor Jakovljevic

Board of Directors

Knez, Frank.jpeg

Frank Knez

Board of Directors

Shaffer, Paul.jpeg

Paul Shaffer

Board of Directors

Grant Committee Co-Chair

Rene Behrend

Executive Director

Thank you to:

Kim Berry of Captured Memories by Kim 

Karen Hernandez of Photography by Karen

Lori Woodcock and Lauryn Leum

for photographing the pictures of the Board.