What's New?
Here are some of the new and upcoming events.  Check back often to see how you can get involved!  Questions?   Contact the BEF Office at 317.852.1056.


2019 Scholarships awarded May 8, 2019.

2020 Application available in January 2020.



June 12, 2020

8:30 am

(Registration and continental breakfast begin at 7:30 am)

West Chase Golf Club


September 19, 2020

8 - 10 am

310 South Stadium Drive Warehouse



September 3, 2020*

2 - 6 pm

East Middle School




2019 Sale is over!

The next Yankee Candle sale will begin in August 2020.



March 13, 2020

6 - 11 pm

Top Eliminator Club at Lucas Oil Raceway



Available year-round

The Graduate Walk program gives BHS alumni an opportunity to leave a legacy with a commemorative brick in the Graduate Walk. The Walk is located between the Senior Academy Building and the BHS.

Must be ordered by first week of August to be in place by Homecoming and before Spring Break to be in place by graduation.

CLICK HERE to order




Available year-round

The Apples for Excellence program gives parents, students and community members an opportunity to thank a teacher, coach, club sponsor or school staff member for their daily dedication and caring efforts. When Apples for Excellence donations are made to the Foundation, the honorees are given a golden apple lapel pin and card stating who recognized them.

Special promotion the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving at all elementary schools, but can be ordered online at anytime.

CLICK HERE to order

*Information to be confirmed closer to the event