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The Essentials for Excellence Fund exemplifies the immense impact that targeted community support can provide. By funding necessary school supplies through the Fast Track Program and supporting the BCSC food pantry, this fund addresses two fundamental needs: tools for learning and food security. Providing students with the notebooks, writing instruments, and backpacks required for academic success eliminates financial barriers to achievement. Simultaneously, ensuring access to nutritious foods through the food pantry fosters the healthy development essential for focus and performance in the classroom. The Essentials for Excellence Fund propels students forward by equipping them with foundations for learning while alleviating economic pressures. The Essentials for Excellence Fund allows students to thrive academically and pursue bright futures. This is the embodiment of a community pulling together to propel its youth to success.

Choose ESSENTIALS FOR EXCELLENCE FUND in the drop-down menu.

*Gifts to this fund that exceed the annual budgeted amount by 10% will roll into the BEF General Fund to support classroom projects.

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